“The New Role of Tank Plans- A Memo To Fuel Oil Customers

The game is NOT the same for homeowners with oil heat! As we all know the economy is in a far different place than it was even a year ago. Companies are downsizing and this has a direct impact on everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. The oil tank protection plans of the past are no longer practical and do not protect your home or your family due to the heavy reliance on your homeowners' insurance policy. Today, insurance companies have solidified their exclusions for both AST's and UST's and policies are becoming increasingly complex.

However, there is hope. By navigating and understanding the components of insurance policies, we help maximize coverage from homeowners' insurance companies. Coverage issues are complicated but ultimately necessary for the health and vibrancy of the industry. In some cases, there are state funds available for both clean tanks and leaking tanks.

TankEasy is an oil tank service plan business model like no other currently in the market. We are environmental consultants managing an oil tank service plan far better than oil tank insurance presently or previously existing. We are not an insurance agency selling an insurance product. Since the inception launch of TankEasy, we are proud to report on the success of the program as well as the additional benefits that we have put into place. What sets TankEasy apart from the outdated protection plans of the past is the fact that TankEasy routinely inspects the tank as part of the service plan and at no additional cost to you. Testing a tank as part of a protection plan - this is unprecedented and was pioneered by TankEasy.

TankEasy distinguishes itself from other services offered in the market by being a managed service plan program. Since the launch of our program oil tank service plan, we have proved demonstrated how easy it is to have that TankEasy can offer a smooth transition from another different plan to a TankEasy plan. This innovative concept adds a distinctive value for you and your home. TankEasy provides experienced environmental consultants who are available to assist you from the point of the initial test of the oil tank through any required obligation. TankEasy handles all of the necessary paperwork. In the event of a leaking tank TankEasy is there for you. We process and develop all necessary information to assist in getting the appropriate coverage from your carrier. All of these services are provided by an experienced environmental consultant. This frees you to focus on what is most important with the knowledge that you are getting the highest quality and finest available tank protection plan on the market.